What Does Your Gut Say About Nootropics?

Many of the people with whom I speak about nootropics are skeptical. They consider it either snake oil or too dangerous to mess with their brain. This is understandable considering some of the things we have seen lately. Referring to one Qualia supplement review¬†as a “God pill” can seem rather salesy and very off-putting to a lot of people.

While the reference is indicative of a few bad apples within the nootropics space, my gut says nootropics as a whole are not bad. The important thing will be to source them from the right places and then to better utilize the drugs together.

Nootropics and Sourcing

As we will teach in this article, sourcing your nootropics is as important as anything else. For example, there are plenty of noopept dosage pieces on the internet, which can help you to understand not only the dose you should take, but where the doses should come from. Anyone who has experience with supplements knows that sourcing matters.

Many of the top nootropics are products that are found in a safe way otherwise they have plenty of side effects that nobody wants to experience. Here are a few things to help you make your decision.

  1. Seek independent testing – many of the products that you can find on the marketplace have independent testing. There are plenty of products where they send the product to a third party lab for analysis. With the results comes an added wave of security and trust. Some of the best nootropil products will have testing because it is in a legal gray area in the U.S., which means that there aren’t as many restrictions as might be useful for protection purposes.
  2. Start with microdosing – each person who utilizes nootropics should microdose with the drug beforehand. This helps to rule out any kind of allergies and often has the most significant effect of prepping your body for the specific compound that you will be taking. A small nootropil dosage will help you to get the best results from the beginning because it primes your brain to utilize the substance.
  3. Seek community advice – the great thing about the community online is that there are so many people willing to help based solely on their experiences. Many of them have gut feelings about the drug, which can help to inform your own gut feeling (after all that’s what I’m after with this blog!)

Once you understand how impactful it truly is to go with your gut and really find the nootropics and smart drugs that matter for you, it will be much easier to determine the healthful ones and those which might be best o avoid.

Most people do not recognize that there are so many ways to improve brain health and nootropics might be one of the best. Just keep in mind that this is a relatively new market and it’s important to be careful every step of the way.