How to Cook Barbecue for Large Groups

The reporter addresses a common question about cooking multiple types of meat for an event, particularly relevant for those in the BBQ food services. Emphasizing the challenge of ensuring that various types of meat are done at the right time, the video showcases a smoker with briskets, beef ribs, bone-in brisket, pork ribs, and other items used for rendering tallow. The method for managing cooking times is explained.

Video Source

To effectively coordinate the timing for a large gathering, a suggestion is made to start the cooking process a day earlier than the serving time. For instance, if the event is on Saturday at noon, the recommendation is to start cooking briskets on Friday at noon. This allows for better results and ensures preparedness for any unexpected issues. A staggered approach is detailed, placing briskets first, followed by pork butts and beef ribs at intervals, all leading up to the ideal serving time.

The final segment provides additional tips, such as the importance of not cooking chicken the day before the event due to potential disasters. Insights on managing sleep are shared, suggesting the use of a warming oven or cooler to maintain food temperature until the next morning. Additionally, the presenter highlights the significance of meticulous planning for a seamless and satisfying culinary experience.


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