Matterhorn peak at dawn

Going On a Hiking Adventure? These are the Top 3 Peaks in the Swiss Alps

The spectacular peaks of the Himalayas may seem an obvious choice. But if you want to see some of the world’s highest mountains you can visit Europe instead and see the Alps, which stretches majestically across the borders of eight sovereign countries.

Should you choose to go on a hiking adventure in Switzerland then you will see some of the most prominent peaks in the region. Allow us to introduce you to the popular and breathtaking summits in the Swiss Alps.

The Matterhorn

At 4,478 meters (14,692 feet), the Matterhorn stands tall and proud among the Alpine peaks of Zermatt, Switzerland. Even if you haven’t heard of it, you’d probably recognize it from the photos. Its iconic shape has made it one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Thousands of hikers and climbers have gone out trudging snow and challenging terrain just to see the peak for themselves. The pyramid shape towering above the captivating Alpine scenery makes for an unforgettable view.

The Matterhorn has been climbed many times, as it is relatively manageable despite rockfalls and exposure. You can choose to traverse its perimeter and enjoy it from the safety of the ground. Alternately, if you have the gear, the motivation, and the right guide, you can challenge yourself to summit the peak. That would give you bragging rights when you get home from your trip.

The Eiger

The Eiger (German for “high peak”) is part of the big three mountains of the Swiss Alps. The other two peaks are Mönch, and Jungfrau. The Eiger stands at 3,967 meters (13,015 feet) the first of the three imposing figures dominating a landscape of craggy mountaintops and dramatic rocky folds.

If you stay in Grindelwald, you probably won’t hear the end of talks about the ominous Eiger. From afar it doesn’t seem to be anything more than another Alpine mountain. Yet, if you make it to the base and look up the infamous North Face, you’d understand how it feels like to be dominated and drowned by an impressive wall of rock.

Before 1938, many rock climbers lost their lives making the ultimate gamble to conquer the face, also known as death wall or “Mordwand.” The North Face remains a fearsome challenge today even with the availability of modern climbing gear. A hiking trail is available to people who have no plans to climb the wall and are satisfied to admire its majesty from a safe distance.

 The Monte Rosa

Hiking a snowy mountain

The Monte Rosa (4,634 meters;15,203 feet)is worth mentioning because it is the highest mountain in the Swiss Alps, and stands second only to France’s Mont Blanc. It’s a snowy place that is ideal for the avid hiker and daring mountain climber. You can book a 10-day trek to the mountain, but make sure you have everything you need to stay warm.

There they are, imposing mountains waiting to be explored. Make your trip to Switzerland more enjoyable and unforgettable with a visit to the key peaks of the Swiss Alps!


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