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How to Enjoy Your Holy Land Tour

Going on tours is always fun and exciting. You’ll never know what to expect and experience during the whole trip, which is what makes it even more thrilling. If you love traveling and are planning on going to the holy land, then you’re reading the right piece.

Here, we will discuss some things you should follow to make sure you will make the most out of your LDS holy land tour.

Take Lots of Pictures

This might be a no-brainer, especially since most people today have access to their camera phones, making it easier to snap photos. However, you should remember to not only take pictures of the place itself, but also the people. This will make you remember the culture and how the people treated you in the area.

Also, people in the holy land are diverse! There are lots of tourists in the place, which means that you will get to capture not only the locals, but also other people from different countries. Of course, you should also take pictures of yourself and your friends or family — you can even ask the locals to have their pictures taken with you.

Be Sensitive About Their Culture

The holy land is located in Israel, which is a country that is home to Jews, Muslims, Christians, and others. No matter what religion you have, you should always make sure to be sensitive when in the area and respect the people’s religion and culture. You are a tourist in their area after all, which means you should always respect their views and opinions.

Never argue with the locals, as this will only end up in trouble. You can still practice your religion in the area and be vocal about it, but remember to never shove it in other people’s throats and be nice to them.

Stay Hydrated

Pouring water from a bottleThe weather in Israel is often dry, hot, and humid, which means that you would have to hydrate every moment that you get. Make sure to bring lots of bottled water, as this will not be always readily available in the area. You would not want to be dehydrated during a tour, as you definitely want to be completely healthy to be able to enjoy every moment of the trip.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Bring your most comfortable clothes with you to make sure that you will enjoy the trip. Remember that the country is humid and hot, which means that you would have to bring clothes that will keep the air in. Sleeveless shirts and shorts are a great choice, but you should also take note that some churches and establishments in the area will not let you in if you are wearing shorts and a sleeveless top.

Make sure to bring a scarf, an extra shirt, and a pair of pants if you want to enter certain establishments.

Lastly, do not be scared to ask your tour guide some questions. Remember that they are there to help you and lead you along the way. Good luck and enjoy your trip!


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