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How You Can Make Your Overdue Travel Goals a Reality

In the past few months, travelling has become a tall order for most of us. With the pandemic at hand, people avoid the idea of travelling altogether because of the fear of infection. But as vaccines continue to roll out, travels plans are beginning to unfold. Look online, and you’ll find countless travel blogs for Europe-bound travellers and even a food guide in Singapore for those who plan to visit Asia.

By now, you probably have a long bucket list of travel goals to achieve. The problem is, you don’t know where to start, and things seem to go against your favour. In this article, we’ll talk about how to realistically achieve your travel goals and overcome whatever is holding you back.

Stop making excuses

People have a habit of making excuses when faced with a difficult task that should be done to achieve a particular goal. Sometimes we don’t even notice the excuses you’re making. It has become our greatest escape or a reason we always give if we think we can’t accomplish something on a given deadline. Excuses often hide in the deepest corners of our minds, taking away all our motivation and energy.

When it comes to our failure to travel more, people have different excuses. Some of the favourite excuses include the lack of time and money, childcare, busy work schedule, insufficient knowledge about travelling, and other lies we make to avoid embarrassment and the topic of travelling itself.

Telling people around that, you’ll travel someday without even having a concrete plan is absolute nonsense. Whenever you make excuses and think of them as real, you’re letting them influence your decisions.

Your goal right now is to turn these excuses into a real task. For example, not being able to travel because of your kids is a lame excuse. You have the choice to either take them with you or leave them to a friend or a loved one. Travelling is a great way to bond with the family, and treating them as a burden will only affect your relationship.

Ask other parents how they managed to travel with their children. You can search travel blogs that offer advice to parents on how to survive traveling with kids. No matter how many excuses you have, it’s important to set aside time for travelling. It simply starts with transforming your lame excuses into actionable steps.


Overcome your misconceptions about travelling

Most people believe travelling doesn’t suit their lifestyle (e.g., lack of budget or busy schedule). They hold on to these beliefs as if they were uncontested facts, making it hard for them to consider travelling as a part of their lifestyle.

Misconceptions and limiting beliefs often hold people from entertaining the idea of travelling. They think it’s awfully expensive, selfish, self-indulgent, and very complicated.

If you’re eager about travelling, but your limiting beliefs hold you back, replace those thoughts with something more accurate. If you think travelling is expensive, then you’re wrong. Search online, and you’ll find stories about budget travellers who were able to travel the world with a tight budget. You don’t have to stay at a five-star hotel or fly first-class to enjoy your trip. Research about travel guides that offer advice on travelling on a budget.

Also, don’t think travelling makes you selfish. You worked hard the entire year and have the right to treat yourself from time to time. If you’re dealing with work burnout, travelling is a great way to overcome the stress and worries you’re feeling.

Set your travel goals

Once you’ve worked through your excuses and limiting beliefs, it’s now easier to accept travelling as your calling and create more feasible travel goals!

The fun part starts in the planning process. This means placing your travel order based on your budget, schedule, and your choice of travel destination. You have to be extra obsessive on this part because the more you obsess over that goal, the more likely you’ll make it happen. So immerse yourself in your travel plans by looking at different photos of the places you want to visit and surrounding yourself with travel-minded people.

When setting a travel goal, make sure to take things one step at a time. If you do everything at once, you’ll likely end up overwhelmed or a complete failure.

At the end of the day, it’s all about reclaiming your power and committing yourself fully to making your travel plans a reality. The concepts above go beyond mere travel goals; they also teach you to be more adventurous and daring when pursuing the greatest things in life. Will you let those plans pass you by, or will you do everything in your will to make them come true?


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