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Set the Mood with Food: Perfect Dinner Meals to Impress Your Date

Every type of date is nerve-racking. Of course, you always want to be grand with your gestures and make a good impression. Not to mention that there are things that happen in between — the introduction or the meetup, warming up or starting the conversation, and trying to keep the conversation going without being awkward. These are all too consuming.

Once you have gone past the many parts of a date, there is that one particular part (and probably the most important one) where you could love or dread: making or finding the perfect dinner. Things can turn into a disaster when you have no clue what your date wants, so better do your study. Here are some fancy yet easy-to-make dinners to impress your date:

The Classic Meat and Potato Meal Combination

In dinner dates, the “steaks” are always higher, so you have to step up your game. You could do that with a steak in wine sauce and potato gratin. If your date is into a fancy and more elegant vibe, then this meal is the ideal choice. Steak, wine, and potato combined are usually the epitome of an expensive and lavish meal. What’s more is it only takes an hour to prepare!

Serve Your Date with Seafood


If your date prefers seafood, this meal is a perfect option. You could make your date a zesty clam bake with spaghetti, for instance. If they love spicy food, then give them the choice to add an extra flavor in their meal (it is preferably more delicious in that way too!). Such meals only take about 25 minutes to make, which gives you enough time to pick an outfit and prep yourself with other date-related things.

The Go-To Dinner Comfort Food

If you consider yourself an average cook but still want something special for your date, then a classic pot roast is your best bet. This meal will take a long time cooking and preparing, so you have to start early to avoid panicking. This braised beef combined with carrots and potatoes is a good food to serve if in case your date is feeling down or extremely hungry. The long hours of preparation are worthwhile, as this meal is meant to make you full.

The Combination of Ham and Sage Paired with Broccoli

While you want to impress your date with your cooking skills, it is still important to keep a good impression and avoid any embarrassing moments, so making food that could possibly be stuck in your teeth is out of the equation. Try this meal of ham and sage with broccoli to save you from the embarrassment. Ham with bread and chicken breasts for stuffing in the sage, partnered with sautéed broccoli with vinegar and garlic, is a food that is easy to make and easy to eat.

It is possible though that despite your efforts in impressing your date with your cooking skills, that they would prefer simple, and cozy food dinners over full-course meals. In case that happens (and none of your attempted cooking is successful), you could always have a fully cooked meal delivery as an alternative — and no, not pizza! Healthy options are ideal. It wouldn’t hurt to try and make your date something impressive for dinner. Go on and impress your date!


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