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Six Dishes You Must Try in Singapore

Singapore is known as a glitzy resort and casino destination, but it is a lot more that. Singapore is also a food mecca that offers a wide variety of wonderful delicacies and fusion dishes for all types of tourists to enjoy. Its culinary scene is as rich and diverse as its culture, thanks to the colourful mix of Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian influences.

So, if you are visiting Singapore soon, it is best to know which dishes you need to try. Do not fret if you do not know where to get started. Here is a quick Singapore food guide to help you create your must-try food list.

Bak Kut Teh

Literally meaning ‘pork bone soup’, bak kut teh is one dish you should not miss. This rich soup is cooked for hours and is flavoured with different Chinese herbs and spices. It is also seasoned with dark soy sauce for an added rich Asian flavour. The soup is often enjoyed with steamed rice. There are various bak kut teh versions to choose from. Healthy eaters can enjoy the chicken version while Muslims also have the halal variety to enjoy.


Satay is a skewered marinated meat that is grilled to perfection. It can be chicken, pork, beef or mutton. It is partnered with cucumber-chilli relish and peanut sauce. Satay has rich turmeric scent and is often served with ‘ketupat’, a local rice cake. It is actually very simple to make, but satays in Singapore taste unique and special. Just see for yourself.

Chilli Crab

Are you a seafood lover? Singapore has chilli crab for you! This delicious dish is made from fresh crabs cooked in a savoury sauce made from chilli paste, tomatoes and egg. Do not get fooled by its name; it is not really that spicy. Locals eat chilli crab with steamed buns that they dip into the sauce.

Fish Head Curry

This dish is made from the head of the red snapper fish cooked in a flavourful curry. It also has various vegetables, such as okra and aubergine. Traditional Indian-style curry is known for its rich flavour and strong spices while the Chinese version is sweeter and lighter. The Assam-style fish curry is another interesting version because it uses tamarind fruit to give the dish a sour taste.


Laksa Singapore

If you are a big fan of Southeast Asian cuisine, then you will surely love laksa. It is a spicy noodle soup with chicken, fish or shrimp. The broth is thick and tasty, all thanks to the ground dried shrimp used.  Singaporean laksa uses a combination of curry and coconut milk. It is best served with a dollop of sambal or hot paste.

Hainanese Chicken

With its rich Chinese flavour, Hainanese chicken rice remains one of the most favourite dishes of both locals and tourists. Simple yet hearty, this dish is made of boiled chicken, fragrant rice and perfectly spiced sauce. Other varieties use roasted chicken or duck. For many Singaporeans, this dish is the definition of comfort food.

These are only some of the wonderful dishes you must try in Singapore. There are many great places to eat there. All you need is to explore the streets, and you will surely find the culinary gems the country is proud to share to the world.


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