The Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

This video highlights the best restaurants in Las Vegas for 2024, featuring a mix of new and classic spots both on and off the Strip. Starting with Fuu, a Japanese fusion restaurant at Resorts World, Ruby highlights its unique appetizers like French onion soup dumplings and Miso Cod tacos, as well as the exceptional New York strip steak with Wasabi demi-glaze. She emphasizes its fantastic atmosphere and consistently excellent food.

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Another standout is Vic & Anthony’s at Golden Nugget. Despite missing last year’s list of top steakhouses, it impressed with its old-school Vegas vibe, stellar service, and memorable dishes like the bacon appetizer and pear and blue cheese salad.

The list also includes Sinatra at Encore, known for its Italian dishes inspired by Frank Sinatra. Ruby praises its authentic decor and delicious offerings, such as the pruto and burrata appetizer, perfectly cooked octopus, and signature dessert, the Capello.

For a new addition, Don’s Prime at the Fontainebleau hotel offers a classic steakhouse experience with standout dishes like the crab cake appetizer and berry cheesecake. Elo Posto in Summerlin is another favorite, known for its cozy atmosphere and Italian dishes like duck ravioli and the Sunday gravy.

Another choice for one of the best restaurants is the Palace Station Oyster Bar for its iconic seafood boils and the Redwood Steakhouse at the California Hotel for its relaxed vibe and affordable prices. Herb’s Burgers at Eat Your Heart Out food hall in Durango offers a casual and delicious burger experience. Taco Tan in the Arts District is noted for its entirely plant-based Mexican menu, and Hank’s at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson is highlighted for its excellent steak and vibrant atmosphere.

Overall, Ruby’s selections cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone in Las Vegas.



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