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The Night is Young: Taking Travel Pictures During Night Time

Going on vacation may mean you will have to collect memories. And one good way to do it is by taking photographs. This time, you need to make sure that your photographs are stunning and beautiful. Some people have troubles taking pictures at night. You may find a particularly nice view or activity, but the output you have created is not exactly what you are expecting. Do not be frustrated. There are some ways you can do it properly!

Other than composition and nice subjects, you will need to have some technical hacks to make your night photographs truly beautiful. The city lights of Tokyo and the Wings of Time in Sentosa are maybe some of the subjects you want to take photos of, and you can do it with ease using the right strategies. Without further ado, here are some of the pointers you will need to keep in mind:

Go for manual

The camera’s auto modes are useful for a reason. They dictate the settings that are meant to complement the environmental factors, such as light and the subjects. This time, you may forego the auto mode; you may want to explore using the manual mode. The manual mode gives you total control of your camera. That way, you can easily control the elements and functions of the camera that will allow you to capture better pictures. This also means that you will have more room for creativity. This may feel difficult at first, but you will realize that you will get better at it once you get used to it.

Mind the configurations

While you are using the manual mode, you will need to focus on the top three functions for more beautiful photographs: the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. You may choose a wider aperture so that more light will come in. The same goes for your shutter speed; the longer it is open, the more light will come in; just be careful with it. Finally, you may choose to lower the ISO, as the aperture and the shutter speed already deal with the light. If you raise the ISO level, your photo may become grainy.

Bring an extra source of light

The first instinct that you may have is to pick locations where there are lots of lights. But sometimes, the best subjects are not found in these locations. If you happen to find good subjects in darker locations, you may want to bring an extra source of light. It can be a portable ring light or the flashlight of your smartphone.

Get your stabilizers

camera on a tripod Since you have adjusted the shutter speed of your camera, your hands need to be stable so that the output will not be blurry. But if you know that you have shaky hands, it pays that you use stabilizers, such monopods and tripods.

Taking photographs at night is an interesting activity when you go on a trip. Just make sure that you have the right gear that will help you make stunning output.


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