When Your Quarantine Binge Makes You Want to Travel More

Quarantine has given us so much time. Too much that we start bingeing on our favorite Netflix shows and finishing all available seasons online. Some even began to explore outside their usual choice of genres and ended up falling into the wormhole of Korean dramas. If you have seen some before, you know that aside from the compelling storyline and attractive actors, K-dramas do not fool around with how they showcase their filming sites, and people can’t help but have their wanderlust tickled.

Here are some of the scenic locations from the latest K-dramas you might want to include in your itinerary once the world is ready for travel again:

Itaewon Street, Yongsan, Seoul. As featured in the show, Itaewon Class, Itaewon Street shouts diversity and freedom. With a vibrant nightlife, Itaewon provides a friendly experience to the free-spirited. It also offers an array of options for both Korean and foreign cuisines. Just like how you search for local food bloggers for dining recos, read up on food guides before flying to Seoul to make your Itaewon food crawl fun and worthwhile. 

Namsan Tower, Seoul. Another spot from the show, Itaewon Class, Namsan Tower is one of the tallest towers in Asia. This is a must-go tourist spot that offers a variety of activities. Among them are being able to see Seoul’s panoramic view from the observatory and fine dining experience from many restaurants.

night lights

Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul. Although this place houses a zombie king in the show, Kingdom, Changdeokgung Palace, built during the Joseon dynasty, is a picture-perfect place that showcases Korea’s history and culture. Aside from the palace itself, tourists can also visit and appreciate the beautiful garden originally constructed to serve as a resting place for the royal family. 

Guryongpo Modern Culture & History Street, Pohang, Gyeongsang. If you are planning to have a day outside Seoul, visiting the Guryongpo Modern History Museum might be perfect for you. It is the filming location of the series When the Camelia Blooms, which consists of century-old houses built by Japanese settlers. 

If you plan to go on this trip, you might want to visit other places Gyeongsang province has to offer, such as the Jukdo Market, Pohang Canal, Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond, and even a side trip to Guryongpo Beach.

Bidulginangpokpo Falls, Pocheon, Gyeonggi. In the show Kingdom, this magical place was portrayed to have an eternal winter, but in reality, Bidulginangpoko Falls undergo all four seasons. Perfect to those who want to reconnect with nature, the landscape offers peace. With the sound of hundreds of pigeons living in the caves around the falls, this is truly a place for healing.

Hallasan National Park, Jeju. Also famous as the forest where Yoon Seri, from Crash Landing On You, found herself after her paragliding mishap, Hallasan National Park is another treat for nature-lovers. Located in the center of Jeju Island, Hallasan Mountain has six hiking courses that are relatively easy to trek. 

Being cooped up for so long can drain the life out of us. For now, maybe planning our next vacation itinerary is just one way to keep us sane. Let us do our part and stay indoors. Let us take care of our health and hope that everything gets better, so we can make these travel plans into reality soon.


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