Avoiding Rashes and Chafing When Wearing Bike Shorts

Biking and cycling sure are fun, but the chafing and rashes that come with them certainly are not. If you are fond of wearing bike shorts yet you constantly suffer from rashes and chafing, then you might want to change your ways to make sure that this does not happen again.

Rashes and chafing can cause your ride to be cut short, as suffering from both can be painful and uncomfortable. There are ways to combat these, though. In this guide, we will give you a few tips to make sure that you take on that professional road cycling race without rashes and chafing in sight.

Choose the Right Fit

Wearing something that is too tight or too loose can immediately cause chafing and rashes to your thighs. Extra materials on your shorts can cause extra rubbing and moisture, as well.

Get high-quality shorts with liner and chamois pad. Avoid wearing underwear when wearing your biking shorts, as doing so will cause friction to your skin. Look around for the best high-quality shorts that you can find and afford and make sure to wear that when riding.

Clean Yourself and Your Shorts

After riding, make sure to take your shorts off right away and clean your whole body, most especially your thighs. This will help eliminate the bacteria that can cause rashes and infection, which you are trying to avoid.

If you are riding for a few days in a row and you only have one pair of biking shorts, then make sure to wash it after every use to prevent it from harbouring bacteria and infection-causing germs. You can use a spot detergent or a stain remover on the chamois and the crotch area to clean it properly.

Go for the Narrower and Firmer Seats

While the wider and gel-filled seats seem to be more comfortable, they can cause more friction to our thighs, causing them to chafe and get a rash. Get narrower and firmer seats instead so you will not put too much pressure and moisture on your thighs during the ride.

Low section shot of female athlete standing with her bicycle

Also, having a narrower seat will offer a smoother area to support your behind, as the pressure points are much less, which means that the opportunities for rubbing and friction are lessened, too.

Use Lotion

Before going on a ride, make sure to use some chaffing lotion to your thighs or anywhere that can be irritated with friction and rubbing. If you do not have a lotion, then you can use petroleum jelly and shea butter instead, as these provide the same effect.

After the ride, you can try using a diaper rash ointment to help calm and clear your rashes and chafing. Apply a liberal amount, as putting too much can irritate it further.

If all else fails, try changing your riding positions. This might feel uncomfortable at first, but with proper and ample practice, you can get through it. If you feel like our thighs are starting to chafe, then try shifting your weight to the other side. Good luck and enjoy the ride!


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