Close to the Capital: Places to Visit Near Bangkok

Bangkok is a hyper-cosmopolitan city. It is an assortment of all things fun, colorful, traditional, and modern. With this very characteristic, every corner of the city is never boring. You will always find something interesting to see and enjoy.However, if you want to take a break from the bustle and chaos of the capital, you can always go to some popular spots outside the city. Some of these can be visited during the day; you can return to the capital before the night falls. Or you may consider staying a night or two in these destinations. Whether you are fulfilling a gap-year job or you are a casual tourist, below are some of the places you may want to explore.

The Maeklong Railway Market

One of the unique places to visit outside of Bangkok is the Maeklong Railway Market. It is located in Samut Songkhram, about one and a half hours from the capital. As the name suggests, both sides of the railway serve as a marketplace. You can buy fruits, vegetables, and seafood here. One unique thing about this is that vendors will have to disassemble their stores when there is a train passing through. If you have still time, you may want to visit the Amphawa Floating market which is just close to the railway market

Khao Yai National Park

This is Thailand’s third largest national park and is even hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Khao Yai National Park is perfect for those who want to commune with nature in a monsoon forest setting. The said park is home to exotic mammals such as elephants, barking deer, gibbons, leopards, and even otters. Migratory birds even fly over the park, so expect a spectacle of avian flight in case you chance upon their migration.



Thailand has wealth of temples and ruins, and Ayutthaya is one of the grandest and most popular. Ayutthaya was once of the capital of Thailand, and it now draws in tourists because of its historic temple and palace ruins. You can either walk or ride a bike as you explore the vicinity. What’s great is that it is just an hour away from Bangkok.


If you like history and heritage, you are in for a treat when you visit Kanchanaburi. It is renowned for its historic spots, such as the bridge that was part of “Death Railway.” But you can always visit the stunning national parks here, such as the Erawan National Park, famous for its marvelous waterfall. There are also quaint villages that may tickle your fancy.


Two to three hours from Bangkok, you will find a humble town named Phetchaburi that has a lot of magnificent temples, palaces, and even old shophouses. These spots are also surrounded by green mountains. While here, you may want to visit a cave that has a shrine, where sunlight illuminates the stalactites.

Pack your bags and go!

Thailand is more than its capital city. It is a country that is full of wonders and hidden gems. If you want to get to know more about the country, it’s time that you checked out some beautiful destinations that are just a couple of hours away from Bangkok.


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