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What Are Some Good Meal Options in Sentosa?

Right off the coast of the city-state of Singapore lies a popular historical tourist attraction in the form of Sentosa island. With its white-sand beaches facing the turquoise-coloured strait, it’s a sight to behold.

But this place isn’t just another tropical get-away. There are tons of different activities that you can do. It also has a lot of history as it was a British military base before it was turned into an internment camp by the Japanese during World War II. If you’re interested in history, you can learn more because there’s more to the island than what meets the eye. Its landscape is dotted with hotels, casinos, golf courses, and theme parks that will keep you busy for months. 

Right after you’ve gotten off your transport, you’ll instantly be greeted by its lush green palms as they sway over the beach. But after traveling within the city for some time, you and your companions might have built an appetite. One of the best ways to satiate it would be to have a hefty and classy meal.

Why should you have it? Other than giving you the much-needed energy to go around the island, you’re also hitting two birds with one stone. By having am energy-packed meal, such as a delicious breakfast or a fulfilling brunch, at the start of the day, you’ll have more time to go around and enjoy the sites and sceneries of the tourist attraction. 

So what are some of the best meal options in Sentosa? There are plenty of enjoyable ones, so we’ll narrow them to the best choices in the area.

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The Best Meal Choices in the Island

Since Sentosa Island is only a few minutes away from Singapore, there’s no doubt that they have learned a thing or two from Singapore’s burgeoning food industry. With an influx of professional chefs and popular restaurants, some are found in Sentosa that offer some of the classiest and most delectable gourmet buffets that you’ll ever taste. So what are some of the best cuisines in Sentosa? Here’s what we’ve found:


You’d have to be crazy if you didn’t go to the island to try out their luxurious and exotic seafood dishes. From creamy mouth-watering shellfish to some juicy simmering prawns, your palates will feel like heaven right after a few servings. 

The best meals in the area usually come in the form of seafood. Most of the restaurants feature freshly-caught cold seafood, stir-fried dishes, and a multitude of juicy grilled and pan-seared meat. They also have family-friendly saccharine desserts for a delightful Sunday afternoon meal. Additionally, if you’re there to kick back and relax with co-workers and friends, there’s a wide selection of beer, wine, hard liquor, and cocktails that will guarantee a good time. 

With these options, it’s no surprise why these restaurants are rated as some of the best in the country. 

Western Style

Since Sentosa was under British rule for a while, there’s no doubt that they still have some of that classy and masterfully-crafted Western cuisine. Ranging from pan-seared steak and classy pasta to more down-to-earth favourites like burgers, you’ll have a diverse choice of dishes to choose from. 

The best meals are in the form of seafood, too, such as Cajun cooking. You name it: crawfish, grilled fish, and fresh prawns are some of the authentic Western dishes on the menu. 

If you’re a sucker for good old classic ones, some hotels and restaurants serve continental breakfast and brunch buffet-style. You’ll be set for the day in these locations. 

Traditional Asian Food 

It wouldn’t feel like Sentosa if we didn’t have traditional Asian cuisine. While most of the Asian dishes in restaurants are served later on in the day, you can have classic ones like roasted chicken with authentic spices and tofu cooked together with seafood. There’s also a variety of rice and noodle staples that will give your palate a familiar taste. 

The meals in this tourist spot are a must-try. Whether you’re someone who wants to travel around the nearby Lion City, a foodie trying out authentic tastes, or a cook experimenting on some new dishes, Sentosa’s buffets and food will keep you coming back for more. There’s no shortage of great gourmet dishes in this place; all you have to do is know where you’re going. It has more to offer than just classy food, casinos, and hotels, though. A majority of the island is covered in rainforests, so right after setting your day straight with much-needed brunch, have an adventure that you’ll never forget.


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