How to Enjoy Healthier Airport Food

Airport food has a notorious reputation for being bland, overpriced, and unhealthy. If you regularly travel for work, finding delicious healthy food at the terminal can be as much of a struggle as going through airport security.

Many of us like to think that airport sandwiches or salads are as good and healthy as the ones from your favorite restaurants, but that is rarely the case. In many cases, the only food available at the airport comes from vending machines, cafes, and fast food kiosks.

But with more and more travelers demanding healthier options, major airports such as Changi Airport have dining options that cater to a more health-conscious clientele. However, not all airports are like Changi.

1. Bring your favorite light snacks

Instead of buying food from overpriced kiosks, why not bring your favorite snacks instead? Light snacks such as dried fruits, granola bars, and a mix of various nuts will help you satiate your cravings while waiting for your flight, or if your flight does not have healthy snack options. Just mix everything in a resealable bag, and you are good to go.

2. Look for a fruit smoothie or frozen yogurt place

Some airports have outlets that sell frozen yogurt or a selection of smoothies. If you are catching an earlier flight and have not had breakfast, skip the fast food and head for the healthier option. Smoothies are often made to order, so you can customize the fruits and sugar content of your smoothie.

3. Bring your own vacuum tumbler and tea bags

If you have nothing to do at the airport, it is easy to head to a cafe for a caffeine fix. But caffeine can mess with your body’s rhythm, especially if you have a long flight across multiple timezones. If you need your caffeine, fill your vacuum tumbler with hot water and dip your favorite tea bag. It’s cheaper, healthier, and you won’t have trouble sleeping on the airplane.

4. Fix yourself a sandwich


There are times when a granola bar and some trail mix simply are not enough and you need something more hearty. You might be tempted to order a pastry or sandwich from an airport deli or cafe. To cut down on the cost and calories, make your own sandwich and bring it with you to the airport. Best of all, you get to choose your favorite fillings and fat-free dressing.

5. Munch on fruits and vegetables

If you are a nervous flyer, you might find that eating and drinking something might help ease the nerves. Some people buy a bag of trail mix from the airport store and munch mindlessly while they wait for their flight. But a bag of trail mix is a gigantic calorie bomb.

If you really can’t help yourself from eating, why not snack on fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Some cafes might be willing to entertain your request. If you are particular with the fresh produce you eat, you might want to bring your own selection of fruits and vegetables instead.

Airport food need not be fatty and bland. These pointers will help you eat better and healthier when at the airport. Stay hydrated and avoid eating as a way to pass the time. If you need to kill time, read a book, watch a movie, or catch up on your emails instead.


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