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Destination Wedding Basics: Things You Have to Keep in Mind

Wedding celebrations are special occasions where the love of the couple is the centrepiece. This is one of the reasons that people invest lots of money, time, and energy in organising their weddings and making sure that everything is organized. When the celebration has transpired successfully, you have the assurance that there are many memories that you can keep. But if you want to make your wedding celebration extra special, why not take it out of the country? Why not come up with a destination wedding.

Destination weddings sound so complicated, but they do not have to be. Actually, such celebrations can also double as a vacation or holiday for you and your guests. Organising it only sounds difficult if you just look at the grandness of the entire thing. However, you are not always required to look at the grand picture. Your aim here is to make your wedding as intimate as possible. Do not stress out; you can always find ways to make your destination wedding a blast.

Here are some of the things that you should be taking into account.

Pick the location that you will love

The location of your wedding matters. After all, it is the reason your wedding is dubbed “destination wedding.” So what you should do is pick the location wisely. Go for a place that matters to you and your spouse-to-be. It could even be the dream vacation spot. If you are planning to stick to Europe, there are many romantic wedding venues in Paris, France. Asia also has a lot of choices to consider. The Caribbean also has a wealth that you may want to explore if your theme is tropical.

Make the plan known to guests

Your plans to have a destination wedding can cost your guests some money, and that will surely streamline your guest list. If you want the important people to make it, you have to announce the plan as soon as possible, so that they will have time to save. But give assurance that you will shoulder some of the expenses, which could be one of the following: the hotel, the attire, and the tour buses (for those who want to tour).

Go local!

Just because it is a destination wedding does not mean that you will go all-out. You will want to make the event as intimate and organic as possible. To save money, you may choose to serve local cuisine items and fares. That way, preparations are much easier and time-efficient.

Hire a local planner

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You want your wedding to be organised and well coordinated, so you will need a planner. Hiring a planner in your country may prove to be expensive, as you will have to take them to the location. To save money, you can source the services of a local wedding planner. Such local planners already have their resources and network.

A destination wedding is one unconventional way to celebrate your love and devotion to each other. But many shy away from it, thinking that organizing it is complicated—which is not always true. You just have to set your priorities straight. You will only have to focus on what is important. You are supposed to work with someone who understands your needs.


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