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Making the Most of Your Visit to Twin Cities with These Activities

Far from its cold and chilly weather, Minneapolis is a state which brags lots of activities. Many of these you can enjoy even over a weekend trip. So if you’re planning on traveling in this region, you are sure to have fun.

When you’re visiting the Twin Cities, there are just some things you can’t dare miss. To plan a perfect trip to this region, here’s a list of activities to go around. Check out some of them below.

Watch & Experience a Play in Guthrie Theatre

Enjoy a one-of-a-king live theatre experience when you visit the Guthrie Theatre. Whether it is a classic or contemporary play, you’ll find a great variety of shows here. Ever since it was founded in 1963, Guthrie Theatre has been the hub for performing arts. The success of this theatre has brought upon worldwide recognition to Twin Cities’ performing arts scene. So this place is really worth including to your Minneapolis travel bucket list.

Get the Best Scare at a Haunted Amusement Park

Aside from its scenic view and historical places, Twin Cities is also well-known for its haunted attractions. From frightening events to haunted-themed amusement parks, they all have it here. Haunted house entertainment is among the popular scare activity you must try. This is particularly popular during the celebration of Halloween. But you can still enjoy the same level of scare no matter what time of year. If you’re reeling towards this kind of fun, this is a perfect activity to try.

Be in Awe with Minnehaha Falls’ Picture Perfect View

Enjoy a relaxing walk in the park when you go to Minnehaha Falls Park. Bless your eyes with a lovely view of nature. You can pack a picnic and have fun by simply watching nature in action. Or you may also try bike and pedestrian trail around the area. This city park is famous for both locals and tourists. You can visit the park all year long at any season. Many travelers especially love the view of frozen Minnehaha Falls during the wintertime.

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A Drink or Two to Twin Cities’ Local Bars Breweries

After a long tiring tour around, refresh your body with Twin Cities’ local brews. You’ll find bars and breweries serving specialty craft beers you can never drink anywhere else. You may also enjoy a variety of local comfort food to go along with it. The region is, in fact, famous for its tasty and flavorful dishes so you’ll certainly have a happy tummy. Among the things you can’t miss out are the following:

  • Fry Bread
  • Juicy Lucy
  • Walleye Dishes
  • Tater Tot Hotdish
  • Minnesota Wild Rice
  • Scandinavian Dishes
  • Deep-Fried Cheese Curds

Grab a Lunch Down the Street of Grand Avenue

Spend a cozy and chill afternoon when you visit Grand Avenue. It runs along the Saint Paul street, which is the perfect spot to grab lunch or sip your coffee. What’s more, there are nearby shops and boutiques that will satisfy the shopaholic in you. There are also salons offering full package spa treatments. If you enjoy these kinds of stuff, might as well head off to Grand Avenue.

Have a fun and exciting trip to Twin Cities with these suggestions. Be sure you list down all the things you want to plan everything properly. So that during your actual trip, you can just go through everything and make the most out of it.


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