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Korean Dining Questions Answered

Korean food has been taking over the food industry for a couple of years now. It might be due to the fact that K-pop has been all the rage all over the world lately, or simply because Korean food is delicious and not to mention ultimately healthy.

Below, we will discuss some answers to the most common questions people have about Korean dining. From getting the side dishes to practising dining etiquette, we got everything listed down for you.

Why do I get served a lot of small bowls at a time?

These are called ‘Banchan’, which are side dishes that are served before your main course. Koreans love their side dishes, and if you eat at a Korean restaurant, you can expect the staff to serve you a couple of small bowls that contain different types of side dishes as appetisers or even to compliment your main dish.

Most of these are free and you can ask for refills if you want more. Some of the most common Banchans are Kimchi, boiled potatoes, pickled onions, fermented lettuce, and a whole lot more.

Why do Koreans love kimchi so much?


It is safe to say that no Korean meal is complete without kimchi. It is more than just a side dish since you can pair it with a lot of food including rice, beef, chicken, pork — basically anything you want. It is so versatile and delicious that most Koreans cannot eat a meal if there is no kimchi on the table.

The smell might be a bid bad for some people, but it is nothing drastic. It is fermented, which is why it smells a bit funky. However, you should never be thrown off by the smell, as the taste is awesome that you will forget about the smell as soon as you taste it.

What are some of the most important Korean dining etiquettes?

These are not super strict Korean dining etiquettes you should watch out for, but if you want to pay your respects when eating at a Korean restaurant, then you might want to keep these in mind.

For one, it’s rude to put the chopsticks and other utensils anywhere else aside from the table when you are done eating. Also, your rice bowl should be on the table the whole time you are eating. If you are sharing the Banchans with other people on your table, then make sure not to put other types of Banchans in there.

Why do I have a pair of scissors on my table?

Most Korean restaurants will put a pair of scissors on your table, along with the utensils. This is simply because Korean food is supposed to be eaten with smaller bites, and you definitely could make use of the scissors when cutting up the meat or even your noodles.

There are no rules or restrictions when it comes to using scissors to cut your food up. If you do not want to use it, then don’t. However, it would be recommended to cut your food up before putting it into your mouth.

Eating at a Korean restaurant is such an exciting and fun experience. You should try eating at one nearby some time soon.


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