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Straightforward Strategies to Know Where to Eat

“Where do you want to eat?” You have surely experienced asking this question. Also, for quite a few times, you have been asked the same. This simple question proves to be a big dilemma for some. The indecisiveness springs from many factors. Overwhelming choices, the desire to try something new, and the hunger itself are a few of them. How does one answer this question? Here are some strategies:

Plan Early

One of the best ways is to have a definite place in mind even before going out. For example, if you are in Singapore, look for reliable food reviews of some restaurants. These will give you a glimpse of the dishes served in each establishment. These reviews are objective and straightforward. You will have a good idea of what a restaurant has to offer.

As a bonus, you may also have insider access to some of the chef’s secrets and techniques. This will even make your dining experience more pleasurable.

Gauge the Need of Your Companions

To have an easy answer, you can take into consideration your companions. Are they on a diet, or are they allergic to something? Then go to a restaurant that can appropriately cater to their needs. Do you have kids in tow? Look for a restaurant where they can enjoy the food served.

Also, are you in a hurry to have a meal? Do you have a time restriction such as lunch out of the office? Opt for nearby restaurants. These simple things may seem obvious. But when people are at the point of choosing where to eat, these can easily slip one’s mind.

Go with the Familiar

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Nothing gives comfort than being surrounded by what’s familiar. There is a reason or two a restaurant has become your favourite. Aside from the food, it could be the ambience or the excellent service. Thus, there is nothing wrong about choosing this establishment again and again.

Sometimes, you crave adventure on what’s on your plate. You want to have something new. But you end up disappointed. Experimenting is good, but do not do it when you are hungry. Having subpar ‘adventure food’ will leave a bad taste to your mouth. When in doubt or simply hungry, go for the familiar food.

Connect an Activity to It

You can also do the indirect route. If you cannot decide where to eat, settle first an activity that you want to do with your companions. A movie night could mean having pizza after. Going on an art exhibit may encourage you to eat at a picturesque restaurant. An hour or so in a skating rink will make you crave for something warm to fill your belly.

Your mood is a great determiner of what you want to eat. This mood can be set through an activity of your choice.

Wait a While

Sometimes, the answer is simple. You cannot decide where to eat because you are not that hungry yet. Wait for your brain to give a signal that it is ready for a meal. But do not choose when you are starving already.

Maybe you cannot decide because you are feeling the pressure to make a decision. When this happens, take a deep breath. Walk off a little to have a clearer mind.

The question of where to eat may remain a mystery for others. Get off the bandwagon, take a stand through these simple strategies, and have a happier tummy.


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