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Three Best Travel Apps for 2019

Almost everyone now uses their smartphone in their day-to-day lives. But did you know that it’s so powerful that you can even use it to save money while you’re traveling?

With thousands of travel apps that you can choose from, traveling with a smartphone is like going with a handy laptop with you. Most of the apps nowadays don’t only enhance your vacation experience. They can also help you save money on booking hotels in Fish Creek, for instance, and so much more.

To keep your budget during your vacation, here are a few fantastic travel apps that you can download for free.

Trail Wallet

If you’re a traveler who’s on a budget, then Trail Wallet is the right one for you. It’s an app that lets you track all your travel expenses in various currencies.

You can set a daily budget input whenever you buy something, and know how much money you have left for the remaining days of your trip. Using this app can be helpful especially if you like to make “little” purchases now and then, which can profoundly affect your budget in the long run.


using a travel app

Another excellent app that you can download to help you save money is GasBuddy. It lets you know about the current gas prices within the area for most places in the United States. You can easily search the information that you need by either using a zip code to get all the details of stations that carry diesel.

What makes this app even more amazing is that it gives you the option to use automatic filters to save you time on searching a list of gas stations from the areas that you frequently visit.


Service is an app that helps you track all your booked hotel accommodations as well as your flights. It also has a unique feature that automatically contacts the airline on your behalf in case your flight gets canceled or delayed.

The mobile app files a claim on your behalf for compensation. However, the amount that you’ll get will vary depending on the airline, but you can receive as much a $700 on average.

Other factors that can also determine the compensation are the user’s frequent flier status, as well as the class of service that the user is flying. Meanwhile, for hotel reservations, the mobile app will automatically rebook you at a hotel that has a lower rate before you check in.

What’s excellent about Service is that it’s free to download. However, if the mobile app successfully lets you receive compensation, the app will take 30% from it. An alternative option for frequent travelers is to avail their membership at $49 a year. Applying for a subscription will allow you to receive the entire compensation without any fees.

Being smart when traveling is a great way to ensure that you won’t have to worry about running out of the budget during your trip. You can always check the internet or ask some of your friends for other apps that can help you save during your travels.


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