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Tired of Typical Sightseeing? Try These Instead

Everyone needs a break every once in a while. Especially after all that has happened throughout the past few months, we all need a vacation. A visit to the beach, or going to a ski resort would be fun and would offer respite from the hard work.

But if you’re tired of the usual vacation fare of going to a place, checking in a hotel, and just lounging about until it’s over, here’s a few ideas you can try out.

Photo Walk

It’s a must for all tourists to take pictures of places they visit to document their trip. Pictures make for great souvenirs, and it’s how we look back on fond memories. But let’s say you want to put your photography skills to good practice, or you’re interested in a more photo-centric travel itinerary. A photo walk is a pretty specific type of tour where you join fellow photographers and photography enthusiasts in taking interesting shots of various themes.

You can go to a historical city and take photos of various architecture from interesting angles. Or perhaps a nature photo walk would suit you more, where you can explore various nature reserves, appreciate the beauty of nature, and preserve them in a breathtaking photo.

Ghost Hunting

As morbid as it sounds, tours focusing on horror, ghosts, and the sinister are as popular as any other type of tour. Almost everyone has an interest in the strange and the supernatural, and it only makes sense for the rather spooky and eerie locations to take advantage of this by offering “ghost hunting” packages. Whether there are actually supernatural beings there or not is not what matters; it’s the excitement and the rush of adrenaline that does.

Another interesting point to consider is that many of these “eerie and spooky” locations are very somber and quiet, often interesting historical structures with bone-chilling background stories. So if you’re looking for both a calm vacation experience but need something exciting to happen in the middle of it, this might just be the tour for you.

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Historical Trip

When we go to other countries, we’re not just physically going there. We’re also going to a place with a rich history, one that’s filled with events and incidents that left a mark in history. Going on a historical trip extends your tour to more than just physically seeing something, but to understand it deeper. You can go and visit the Great Wall of China, but it’s a different matter altogether to understand why it was built.

It might sound hokey or cheesy to go for history tours, but knowing more about the country you’re visiting makes your trip more valuable. You experience not just a vacation in a beautiful place, but you gain an appreciation for its rich history and culture as well.

Food Walk

Big foodies can agree that to truly appreciate food, you have to experience it from its roots. This is why gastro-tourism, or food walk, is a fast-growing trend within the tourism industry. If you’re looking into out-of-state vacations, you can get a food travel guide or other tour packages specializing in local cuisines. And if you are interested in international cuisines like Turkish, Taiwanese, or African, going on a food walk in your destination country is definitely an experience you wouldn’t want to pass.

Another idea that you can try while going on food walks is to learn how they’re cooked. Taking cooking lessons in different areas will help you bring home a souvenir that’s more than just a trinket: you’re taking home a lesson in a culture that will never be erased.

Island Hopping

One way to make the most out of what little time you have for your vacation is to plan one that takes advantage of being able to go to many different locations at once. This is where island-hopping excels best. There are many archipelagic tourist sites with many small islands nearby each other. Traveling to them by boat is a popular and fun activity; not only can you travel to different locations, but the journey towards each location by itself is fun. For instance, island hopping in the Agean sea in Greece is a very popular option for those who wish to experience clear waters, white-sand beaches, and other water activities.

Whatever type of vacation you’re intending to go on, it’s important to remember to make the most of the moment. Leave your work in the office and focus on recovering your energies. Take the vacation you need and give yourself the break you deserve.


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