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A Good Scare: Why You Should Get a Good Scare During Your Travels

Feeling fear and getting scared are all part of our identities as human beings. Every living being with a brain experiences this! But throughout the years, we can’t seem to get a good scare. Horror movies are becoming ever more tedious because of their cliche formulas, and getting scared in real life is way too dangerous for all of us. But there are many ways you can experience some sense of discomfort and fear in your life without it being too dangerous. This article will discuss the benefits of getting a good and safe terrifying experience and where you can find it in your travels.

The Benefits of Getting Scared

Fear is an inherent human emotion. It is one of the reasons why we have survived for thousands of years. It is part of our genes, and it is pretty normal to feel it. But before we get into the benefits of getting scared and feeling fear, it’s vital that we first talk about when it’s not healthy for you.

Fear without any real explanation is a symptom of many mental illnesses such as General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Only a small percentage of the US population have these mental illnesses, but most of them suffer every day because of such an illness. Another unhealthy form of fear is when you are exposed to it almost every day.

Stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are generally suitable for our body, especially if we want to function normally. But continuous production of these stress hormones can lead to lack of sleep and obesity. So too much fear is terrible for you. But when is feeling fear and getting scared healthy for you?

Evolutionary psychologists believe that feeling fear or getting scared is one way to remind us that we’re human. Since we think tiny of it lately, we can’t practice our survival instincts. This has led us to become complacent with our everyday lives. These psychologists argue that fear is essential to growth, and without it, we cannot feel the good things in life.

Additionally, experiencing safe but terrifying experiences with others, whether with friends and family members, can lead to a good time. People can cope with everyday problems with good humor, and studies have even found that the stimulation of fear and worry in the brain has some benefits for people with depression. This is being further studied to see whether if a treatment plan can come out of it.

So how can you include fear in your next travel plan? Here are a few easy ways.

Visiting Theme Parks

Theme parks are your best choice if you want to get a good scare while having fun with it during your travels. Many theme parks offer some of the best haunted house attractions. Some of these attractions can almost feel life-like and can bring out your survival instincts. Furthermore, it can stimulate your brain to produce adrenaline and give you good mental exercise. But you don’t necessarily need to visit haunted houses to experience fear. However, rides in theme parks can give you the shot of fear you need.

Roller coasters, drop towers, circular rides, and pendulum rides can all exhibit fear inside your brain. These rides get your adrenaline pumping the moment you ride them. Ferris wheels have been known to be good exposure therapy for people who have acrophobia. These rides are great and can definitely give you the scare you need during your travels.

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VR Experiences

If you’re digitally inclined and visiting modern cities during your travel, you can still get your dose of fear by visiting virtual reality centers. Much like theme parks, these virtual reality centers have programs that can exhibit fear among their audience. However, it’s also much safer for people who have some health issues and those not allowed to get into rides in theme parks. There are now a growing number of VR centers and VR theme parks in the US, so if you pass by one of the cities with them, visit their location.


Last on this list is camping. If you want to feel the kind of fear that our ancestors had many years ago, then this activity is for you. Camping has been known to exhibit fear for the people who are doing it for the first time. Although this fear dissipates the more, you do it. If you haven’t camped before then, you should give it a try. It will give you a night you will never forget.

Fear is essential to living, and it’s important to feel it once in a while. One of the best ways to feel authentic fear is during your travels. So make sure you add these suggestions to your next travel list.


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